Murder in the Hotel Pacifica is a special side op in SUNRISE.

Plot Edit

On January 25, 1987, a man was murdered in the basements of the Hotel Pacifica. Two days later, an unnamed SUNRISE operative heads to the hotel to investigate it. While going to the basement, he hears a scream from a Marine. Presuming it was another murder, he heads to the murder scene. While he is there, the Marines mistake him for a murderer and attack him. While trying to escape, another Marine is killed, then another. They are then all wiped out, and the murderer is revealed to be NH-004, nicknamed the Shadow Marksman, a cloned superhuman capable of taking on entire armies. The SUNRISE operative and the Shadow Marksman then battle each other until the USAF bomb the hotel, leading to its destruction and the death of the Shadow Gunman. The SUNRISE operative esapes, however.