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Subsonic Systems DigiMaestro Edit

An MP3 player similar to the iPod. Replaces the cassette pager in the first game and can also take pictures, store info and contact SUNRISE.

Camouflage Edit

  • Desert
  • Flecktarn
  • Woodland
  • APD
  • Urban
  • Urban 1987
  • U.S. Marine
  • Royal Marine
  • JGSDF (Japan-only)

Food Edit

Rations Edit

Standard military rations. Replenish 20% of your health. Come in several variations:

  • MRE (U.S.)
  • 24 Hour Operational Ration Pack (UK)
  • RICR (France)
  • Individual Food Ration (Russia)
  • Instant Meal Individual (China)
  • Type II (Japan)

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