Pistols Edit

Beretta 92 Edit

Standard SUNRISE handgun. Holds 17 rounds and is equipped with a suppressor.

SleepX Pistole2 Edit

New version of the SleepX Pistol, now having a burst configuration to put targets to sleep much faster. Modelled after the Heckler & Koch VP70.

Glock 17 Edit

Popular handgun built out of polymer and is very reliable.

Tokarev TT-33 Edit

Soviet-era pistol. Has a nice retro-futuristic aesthetic to it, but not much use in combat.

Mauser C96 Edit

Vintage semi-automatic pistol. Holds 10 rounds and fires a high velocity 7.63x25mm Mauser round, but cannot be tactically reloaded due to its internal magazine. There are several upgrades for the weapon:

  1. Wooden stock
  2. .45 ACP conversion
  3. 9mm conversion
  4. 20 round internal magazine
  5. 30 round internal magazine
  6. Longer barrel
  7. Full auto firemode

Homemade pistol Edit

Simple homemade pistol. Fires a weak .22 LR round. Only effective against cameras.

Submachine guns Edit

FN P90 Edit

Compact PDW that holds 50 rounds, essentially a hybrid between an SMG and carbine rifle.

HK MP5 Edit

The classic counter-terrorism weapon, it holds 30 rounds and can also be found as an integrally suppressed variant.

Assault rifles Edit

AK-47 Edit

A Soviet-origin assault rifle found in the hands of too many combatants to count.

M4 Edit

A smaller, lighter version of the M16. Expect to see this weapon in the hands of many Western soldiers.

L85 Edit

British assault rifle. Seen in the hands of British forces and has a bullpup configuration.

IWI Tavor Edit

New bullpup rifle seen in the hands of Israeli soldiers.


French assault rifle. Seen in the hands of French soldiers.

Daewoo K11 Edit

South Korean assault rifle. Has a futuristic computer sight, as well as a built-in 20mm grenade launcher.

Howa Type 89 Edit

Japanese assault rifle. Very rare and feels like a standard M16. A special version is available to players who select "Very Easy" on the Japanese version, which holds infinite ammo and does not affect PTSD in any way.

Howa Type 64 Edit

Japanese battle rifle. Available to players who beat the Japanese version of SUNRISE.

Shotguns Edit

Ithaca 37 Edit

A shotgun popular with left-handed and right-handed shooters. Only holds 4 rounds, but can send enemies flying at close range.

Benelli M4 Edit

Semi-automatic shotgun. Used by many Marines. Holds 7 round and is extremely useful in indoor and close quarters areas.

Machine guns Edit

M249 SAW Edit

A new light machine gun. Fires the same cartridge as many Western assault rifles, blurring the line between machine gun and assault rifle.

M240 Edit

A medium machine gun replacing the M60. While it is very powerful, it has extreme recoil as well.